In the event of a hurricane or other major disaster, the Hancock County Emergency Management Agency has five emergency shelters that can be activated. One of those shelters is strictly for those people with Medical Needs, such as constant medical care or other disability requirements.

If you feel you would need assistance getting to a shelter during a hurricane or other disaster, please contact the Hancock County EMA office at 228-255-0942 or Central Dispatch at 228-255-9191.

  • Dedeaux Shelter
    1095 Road 350 Kiln, MS
  • Leetown Shelter
    28900 Leetown Road, Picayune, MS
  • Kiln Shelter
    18320 Highway 43 Kiln, MS
  • Flat Top Shelter
    24075 Highway 43 Picayune, MS
  • Necaise Shelter
    30360 Highway 603 Perkinston, MS

Pet-Friendly Shelter

In the event that the storm shelters are opened, the Community Center at the Necaise Shelter will be available to house small domesticated animals. Family pets such as cats and dogs, gerbils, iguanas, and other small reptiles are welcome.

  • Pet owners will be required to:
  • Bring cages/kennels to house your animals
  • Bring water, food, and food bowls for your animals
  • Bring any medication required for your animals.
  • Animals must be current on all vaccinations, including rabies vaccination and the owner must provide a copy of current vaccination records in order to house animals at the shelter.

For additional animal assistance, please visit the Humane Society of the United States website for more information.